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My Story

Hi, I gave my life to Jesus Christ in May of 1998. Before I got saved, I was agnostic. I believed in a higher power but not the bible and prior to that I called myself an atheist. I thought I was so smart.

I grew up in a very crazy family. I guess that’s ordinary now these days, but when you’re a kid it doesn’t matter how common something is because it will still affect you. My grandmother kind of took care of me until I was 5 years old. Then my mother picked up my sister, Veronica, and me and took us to live in California with my step dad. That’s really the first time I remember hearing about God.

I remember the only times we were ever really happy and stable was when my parents served God. When they turned their backs on Jesus, our lives would be crazy. Since they were both heroin addicts, they would move us from town to town and state to state always trying to find some way to scam and make some money. I guess that gave me a jaded view of who Jesus really was. I now realize God never turned his back on them, they turned their backs on him.

When I was in the 6th grade, they broke up for good. My step dad took my younger brother and sister, Jr. and Judy, to live in California with him. That was very hard for my mother. She tried to get them back, but she eventually lost them because of her drugs. She went into a deep depression and ended up in prison. We moved to Corpus Christi, TX with my grandmother. During that whole time I really thought my life was going to be different from my family’s life. I did very well in school and loved to read, but I was only fooling myself.

When I was in the 9th grade, I started drinking and doing drugs. By the time I was in the 10th grade, I was pregnant. I got married and my life was horrible. I hated my husband and I thought all my problems were because of him. We used to fight like cats and dogs. Fist fight. After 6 years of that, we divorced and I started going out to clubs. I thought I would fill the emptiness inside of me with the fast life. It was fun for a while, but then it gets boring. You see the same people over and over again just trying to find something or someone to fill their emptiness.

I met a guy through someone at my job and thought I was finally going to be happy. He was so different from my ex-husband. He had a good job, made good money, and he treated me special. But, guess what? Within a year and a half, I wanted a divorce. There was nothing wrong with him. It was me! We had bought a house and a car. Everything seemed just right on the outside, but inside I was miserable. I was always angry. I was a very mean and hateful person. I felt like there was no hope for me.

Thank God my cousin Cindy got saved! I saw her life and how God had saved and changed her. I went to church and the pastor was preaching about depression. I felt like he was speaking to me. I started crying in the middle of the sermon and my husband freaked out. When the pastor finished, there was an altar call. An altar call is when the pastor asks if anybody wants to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. I lifted my hand and prayed that night.

That was and still is the best decision I have ever made. Jesus Christ became real to me that night. God has changed many things in my life and I know he is not through with me yet. If you feel like all your problems are someone else’s fault, let me tell you they are not. You need Jesus Christ in your life! He is the only one who can fill the ache and emptiness you have in your life.

I am living proof that Jesus Christ is real and that he loves us and cares for us. Without Jesus in my life, I would have been divorced again and who knows what would have happened to me and my children. I could have ended up like my mother or my father, dead of a heroin overdose. You never know because I never thought I would have ended up pregnant and married at 16 years of age either. Only God knows what he has spared me from. He is waiting and ready to help you as well. Jesus Christ loves you. If your reading this, then it’s not to late. There is still hope.

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