Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Movie Review: The Least Among You

I normally don't review movies since I don't even own a television(LOL). However, this movie was provided at no charge by Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review. Since my husband and I are always looking for evangelistic movies to show at area parks, I decided to preview this movie.

The back cover reads...Leaders are not chosen, they are called. Inspired by a true story. Richard Kelly is a black college graduate forced to serve probation at an all-white seminary after the 1965 Watts riots. Richard is encouraged by the seminary president, Alan Beckett, to break the color line. Richard nears his breaking point when he meets Samuel, an elderly janitor who lives in the basement of his dormitory. As Samuel guides Richard through the trials of racism and the personal life that haunts him, Richard undergoes a transformation that forces him to choose between his dreams and his destiny.

Sounds good, but if you have never heard of Richard Kelly you might get lost. I had to explain most of it to my daughter, and she is very bright. It just didn't seem to flow from scene to scene very well. Maybe it's the point of view we are coming from. If we watch a supposedly christian movie, we expect and are looking for the gospel. Maybe she got lost because she was waiting for and trying to find a connection to the gospel.

Personally, I think I'm in a minority because I LIKE preachy movies. Unfortunately, this movie was not preachy at all. This movie could have been so great if they would have showed HOW and WHEN Richard decided to pursue the call of God and become a preacher. It does have some good parts like when the dean found out the millionaire benefactor decided to pull his money not because of a black student, but because they were no longer teaching the bible as truth in the seminary classrooms.

Bottom line: We won't be showing this movie at any area parks.
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Tabata starting week 4

Tabata is getting easier for me. Thank God! This week we also played tennis for about 2 hours on Friday. My weight is now 171.4! My waist dropped an inch, too. Dan's at 206.6, so he's still dropping.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Onenote 2007 for Homeschooling

This past week I've been learning about Onenote 2007. I can't believe I had this great tool all long and wasn't aware of its usefulness! I'm part of the Simply Ruth Beechick yahoo group where someone mentioned they use Onenote 2007 for homeschooling. So, being the curious person I am, I looked into it and I have to say I'm so glad I did. Here are a few links that helped me see different ways I could apply it homeschooling.
I'm even using Onenote right now to help me write my post. I've set up notebooks for church follow-up, recipes, Rhiannon's school, lesson planning, and even helped Dan set one up for sermon preparation. If you want to be better organized I recommend using Onenote.
I'm going to try and write a blog series detailing how I'm using Onenote and post pictures of my setup.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

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Tabata starting week 3

Wow! I increased from 4 minutes of Tabata to 6 minutes today! Feels great, but definitely tiring. My endurance is increasing, and my energy levels are still high. I dropped close to another pound, so I'm at 172.8! Can't wait until I'm in the 160s.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Free Math Game Apps April 13th-16th only! By McGraw-Hill for Ipod Touch & Ipad

McGraw Hill states the following on Itunes app website: All of our Everyday Math Games Apps are available for FREE download during NCTM April 13-16 2011!
I found 10 free apps by clicking on view more by this developer. When it opens in iTunes click see all, and then download all the free games.
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Monday, April 11, 2011


Book Review: The Final Summit

"What does humanity need to do, individually and collectively, to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization?" This question is answered in The Final Summit A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save Humanity By Andy Andrews Published by Thomas Nelson. If this book wasn't published and promoted as a Christian book, but as a self - help book it would be fine. But since it's supposed to be Christian it is missing a key figure, Jesus Christ. As believers in Christ, we need to understand that human civilization as a whole is heading toward destruction, but individually we must repent and turn to Jesus to be saved. Unfortunately, that isn't the answer given by this book! So, in good faith I can't recommend this book.(Thank you, BookSneeze, for the free copy of The Final Summit.)
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Friday, April 8, 2011

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Tabata starting week 2

Well we did it! We finished week 1 and started week 2 today! We feel a lot better. My energy is through the roof! We are also on The Hacker's Diet, and since combining both we are starting to really see and feel a difference. We started The Hacker's Diet last month on March 22nd. Our goal is to lose 1 lb per week until conference. Dan started at 215.0 and today he's 208.1, so he's lost 7 lbs so far. I on the other hand am losing at a much slower pace. I started at 177.4 and today I'm at 173.2, so not as dramatic as Dan, but hey they say women lose slower than men. LOL! I honestly didn't see much of a lose until we started Tabata. Maybe because my metabolism is so slow, and the studies they've done on Tabata say it increases your metabolism for 36 hrs. I don't know, but I'm happy to finally be losing something!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

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Tabata workout

Today Dan & I started the Tabata workout! We only did 4 minutes, and it was hard for us! So, we are excited to see how fast we can build our endurance up.

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