Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Daily Bible Reading & Exercise Saturday 3/06/10

2 Chronicles 35 - 36
Psalms 107 - 108

OK! We did the 1 mile express walk on the Leslie Sansone website. It's on the right side half way down the page under WalkTV Video. I really like this walk. It's short, but it gets you sweating! 

I finished 2 Chronicles today, and I can truly say I feel like I learned more this time reading it than before (all the sermons I've heard over the years sure helped because when I read through the first time I was more trying to capture the flow and history then trying to really see where it could apply to me). 

Hezekiah, a lesson not to become proud in victories.  God will try us or test us as the New Living Translation puts it.

Manasseh, a picture of us before we got saved and how through desperation (or as the bible says in the New Living Translation - in deep distress) we can turn to God and be really repentant.

Josiah, seek God before making any decisions because God can speak to anyone He wants. God will even use the unsaved to accomplish His plans, so make sure you seek God and hear from Him.


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