Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Daily Bible Reading Sunday

OK. I made a big boo boo. I totally skipped Jeremiah and Lamentations. I figured it out because I read my bible at church and used my notebook planner. I read Jeremiah as scheduled in my notebook and when I came home I realized my mistake 14 chapters later. I probably wouldn't have noticed, but since I started a new page in my planner I had Jeremiah listed instead of Ezekiel. I thought something was funny at church when I read my bible. I felt misplaced and even re-read some of it. Ha Ha.  

I found my mistake. I actually read Jeremiah 1-2 last Sunday, but put on this blog Ezekiel. So, the next day Monday I started using Biblegateway and just started where I thought I left off in Ezekiel. Today I went back to reading my physical bible, so I just found my mistake. I will just go back to Ezekiel later.

Jeremiah 15 & Jeremiah 16
Matthew 20 & Matthew 21


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