Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Finished Week 1

Week 1 went well. I'm still on the first module of my Chinese language course. Learning Chinese will definitely be a long challenge, but I'm not in a rush. My husband was making fun of me because I got so excited on the second day when I was able to pronounce the words. LOL.

On the piano, I'm almost able to play Wayfaring Stranger smoothly. That's very exciting for me, because I've been stuck on that song since before we moved to Belize! Although I do have to admit, I didn't practice consistently before. Maybe because I already know how to play well enough for church, I got comfortable. What I like about this program is that it teaches me different patterns. Learning this is definitely helping me to be more compassionate with the ladies I'm teaching at church. Feeling like a beginner has a way of humbling us. (I'm teaching typing and piano on Saturdays. Maybe why I'm suddenly trying to improve myself. LOL)

Just this week of practice has helped my typing tremendously! I almost typed all of this post without looking. I've noticed that looking at the keyboard while I type is really just a very bad habit. When I'm practicing I don't look, but when I'm typing at any other time I look down. I'm going to try and be more careful this coming week.


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