Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Daily Bible Reading

2 Kings 25 - 1 Chronicles 1
Psalms 43-44

Interesting note:
Rhiannon asked me a few days ago how Australia has so many animals if it's separated from other lands. This question was in context to what she is learning in her science. We use Apologia and are studying physical science right now. Secular science tells us the continents drifted apart over millions of years - continental shift - uniformitarianism. Our science points toward catastrophism - the idea that Earth has been affected in the past by sudden, short-lived, violent events, possibly worldwide in scope. So, we understand the flood was violent in nature - catastrophic and caused the continents to separate. Hence the question - if this is true and all the animals died during the flood except the ones in the ark and the earth separated how can Australia have animals? Well God is good and he answered her question! I was reading my bible this morning and came across 1 Chronicles 1:19 Two sons were born to Eber: One was named Peleg, because in his time the earth divided: his brother was named Joktan.
If you read all of 1 Chronicles 1 you will see Pelag's genealogy. Noah - Shem - Arphaxad - Eber - Peleg, so therefore the earth didn't split until 3 generations after the flood! Plenty of time for animals to arrive in Australia after the flood.


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