Friday, February 26, 2010

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Ok, I decided to become accountable about my weight! I finally decided to lose some weight. It came about in an usual way. I know people wanted me to lose weight, but I didn't want to. I just did not feel any motivation to do so. (Man I sound like a rebel!) In my head I knew all the right reasons for doing so, but to no avail. It's like my husband always preaches you have to engage your will to change and mine wasn't. LOL!

So anyway, one day I found some recordings for women I wanted to hear. Each one lasted about an hour, so I went walking as I listened to them. That took place the last week of January. The next week I went running with Marlini from church. That made me very sore, but I was glad I had gone walking the week before or I would not have made it! Then I was talking to the ladies in church about some walking video clips on the internet, Leslie Sansone American Heart Association, and we decided to start walking at church on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. So, the next week we started walking. I feel so good now! I guess the lesson is just start doing it even if you don't want to and the motivation will come later.

We took grandma Irene to the Maya Ruins where I walked all the way to the top with no problem! When we first got to Belize we took Pastor Cliff Williams and his wife to some other smaller ruins where I had a hard time making it to the top! So, just a few short weeks and my body started feeling much better. I actually want to play basketball again, but we need to find a basketball first. You wouldn't believe the prices here. $100 for a basketball!

We bought a scale yesterday at this shop called American Imports. The scale is The Biggest Loser by Taylor Body Fat Analyzer and Scale. I weighed myself at 10:25am 2/26/10 Friday. I want to record my weight, body fat, water, muscle, BMI, and BMR every week on Friday morning.

Age: 36
Height: 5.0
Weight: 176.2
Body Fat: 47.9%
Body Water: 41.8%
Muscle Mass: 29.2%
BMI: 34.7
BMR: 1533

12 Week Goal
Weight: 160 - loss of 16 lbs
Body Fat: 41% -  loss of  6%


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