Saturday, June 12, 2010

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Review of 2009-2010 Homeschool year

This past school year was very productive for Rhiannon. We tried some new curriculum we loved and some we quit. Our goals for the year were to improve in math, writing, and spelling. Praise God, she did tremendously!

She decided she wants to be a nurse, so that encouraged me to spend more than I normally would on some of her curriculum, but it was definitely worth it. She is really understanding her math now. I know that math is important in Texas in order to be accepted into the RN program. I actually bought her math used, but it was still $120 including shipping. But compared to the new price of $500, it wasn't too bad.

Something I changed this year was our breaks. Depending on our church schedule, we are taking a week off every 5-6 weeks. That has helped us not to burn out! Homeschool Tracker makes it very easy to adjust anything we need during the year.

Overall, I'm very happy about how our school year turned out. Since we had to take off 2 months during the school year to move to Belize, we still have about 5 weeks left.

We loved the following:
VideoText Algebra
Mystery of History I
Apologia Physical Science
Apples Spelling II
Rummy Roots
Apologia Jump In Writing
Grammar Made Easy: Writing A Step Above
Homeschool Tracker - not really a curriculum, but I love it!

We liked the following:
Science Roots
Streams of Civilization I (We did it as a read aloud 1st semester for history)
The Book of Virtues (Dan & Riri did it as a read aloud 2/3 of year for character study)
Call to Courage (Dan & Riri did it as a read aloud 1/3 of year for character study)
Mavis Beacon Typing
Children's History of the World (We did it as a read aloud 2nd semester for history)
Classical Roots A

We quit the following:
IEW- writing curriculum
Bob Jones Spanish I
Sequential Spelling
Daily Grammar Practice (Now that we have more of a foundation in diagramming, we're going to try this one again next year. It only takes 5 minutes a day.)
Trail Guide of Bible Geography
Drawing with Children
Abeka Lit Of Places


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