Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Free Foreign Language Courses

I recently purchased my daughter a Spanish course from Step by Step Spanish. It's the best we've tried and believe me we have tried plenty. My daughter is doing great! We have seen great results and she is only in unit 4. The actual name of the program is Programmatic Spanish. Since I want to learn French, I did a web search to see if anyone was selling the French version. Well guess what? It is out of copyright and in the public domain!
Not only is the French available, but so is the Spanish course I paid for!
I almost feel like a fool for paying for something I could get for free, but I would never had heard of it in the first place if I hadn't bought it. It's a program developed by the government and covers 1 year of college Spanish or 2 years of high school level Spanish.  It includes the student textbook, instructor guide, workbook, and audio. Check it out!


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